Anna Shurochkina

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Date of birth: 15 Aug 1990

Place of birth: Moscow, RSFSR, USSR


Russian singer, songwriter, composer, actress. Born into a family of musicians. Father, Vladimir Vyacheslavovich Shurochkin - a former member of the musical group "Laskoviy May", the future producer o...
f the singer. Mother, Irina Vladimirovna Shurochkina, sang in a rock band in her youth. When Anna was two years old, her parents divorced, but the father spent a lot of time with his daughter. Nyusha's half-sister, Maria Shurochkina, is an Olympic champion and eight-time world champion in synchronized swimming. There is also a younger brother, Ivan Shurochkin, who is engaged in tricking. Nyusha first came to the studio at the age of five and recorded "The Big Dipper's Song." The singer did not receive a musical education; as a child, she studied solfeggio for a year and a half. The piano, by his own admission, does not speak very well. She was also involved in Thai boxing as a child. At the age of 11 she began performing on stage (as part of the Grizzly group). The ensemble toured in Russia and Germany. Nyusha's first songs were written in English. Oksana Shurochkina, master of sports in artistic gymnastics, studied dancing and stage skills with Anna. At the age of 14, she did not pass the age limit at the casting of the "Star Factory".

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