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Redeem movie card
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What is wevu?

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We know what makes for a great movie experience, so we’ve cut out the annoying stuff and made the things you love even better. The result is wevu - designed to fit into your life perfectly.

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For a start, we have zero subscription fees

That’s right, none at all.

You can still choose from the latest Hollywood blockbusters and hottest TV boxsets, but you only ever pay for what you watch. So, wave goodbye to pesky monthly direct debits…forever.

Be the first to watch

Why not make date night a movie premier?

We’ve signed deals with some of the biggest Hollywood film studios so you can watch the latest releases first, fresh from cinemas.

Why wait months for a movie or TV show when you can watch on wevu. Just don’t brag too much to your friends.

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Films showing on multiple diferent devices

Watch on any device, anywhere, anytime

You can now watch wevu movies and TV shows on your favourite devices, wherever and whenever it suits you best. This means you can slot movie moments into even the most hectic days.

Enjoy the latest Tom Cruise action thriller using your smartphone on the train or treat your kids to some Frozen 2 on a tablet during the school run.

Take wevu with you. Never miss out.

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Buy or rent…you decide

Sometimes movies and TV shows are so amazing you need to watch them again and again. Other times rental is best, if you only want to watch once. It’s often rental can be lighter on your pocket too.

That’s why you can either buy and keep or rent many of the movies and TV shows on wevu.

A TV and a movie card

In store or online… buy your way

Soon you’ll be able to go to the wevu section of participating stores where you’ll find wevu movie cards on sale. Choose the right card for the movie or show you want, pay for it at the checkout and redeem your movie card on our website or app.

This means you’ll be able to pick up a movie with your shopping and pay the way that suits you best, cash or card. This makes the perfect gift for someone you love.

It's time to watch smarter. Download the wevu app or start browsing our online movie library.

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Coming soon - Summer 2020.

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